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Today is 07/18/2024. The cross sum (digital root) of this date is 6.

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You can use this calculation tool, for example, to plan events that are to take place on a date with a specific cross sum. You select a cross sum, a time period and, if necessary, the desired weekdays and receive a list of suitable dates.

To calculate the single-digit repeated cross sum / digital sum (digital root) of a date, all digits of this date are added together. If the result has several digits, the digits of this result are added. This is continued until the result has one digit.

Mathematically interesting: The digital root of any natural number is equal to the remainder of its division by 9 (its value modulo 9). If there is no division remainder, the digital root is 9.

The query period is limited to 5 years. This period can be in the past as well as in the future. The default is one year from the current date. You can adjust the period by selecting it in the date fields. If you only want to find certain weekdays, deselect all weekdays that you do not want.

Dates are displayed based on London time in US format (month/day/year). If you are using a browser with other language settings, the date selection fields may show dates in another format. However, the resulting dates are always displayed in US format (month/day/year).